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2012/03/16 von Matze Larsen

Cape Town News - March 2012

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As per usual, Matze spent the European winter in Cape Town. Whilst on this side of the equator the sun is making a more regular appearance, the season is drawing to a close there. It’s time for a recap.

The wind and wave conditions have been a mixed bunch over the last months in Cape Town. The weather was really unusual with lots of rain and cold spells followed by heat waves. One day is almost 40 ° C and the next day is rainy and stormy and barely 20 ° C. There was however more than one swell that rolled into Table Bay and provided awesome wave riding conditions, especially at Hakgat and Melkbos.

I was often into the freestyle at Milnerton. Westerley winds come through here the best as they are funnelled by the mountain. Since the water is shallow the water is also smoother with less chop. You should avoid the river mouth as there is limited space and as a result there have been a lot of accidents.

Camps Bay works well when the wind is onshore with a 12m; but in high season there are a lot of swimmers in the water – despite the water being freezing. The mountain lake, with much warmer water, was unfortunately dried out due to the lack of rain during the winter months.

This year the World Cup circus will again not make it to the Cape. A PKRA tour stop was planned for December but was cancelled at short notice due to a lack of sponsors. Instead Big Bay hosted a kite loop contest which was a real success. The wind was strong enough and anyone with rank and a name was on the water, putting on a brilliant show. When Ruben had a heavy wipe out on the beach, there was silence until he was back on his board.

I had a great freestyle session that day, next to the contest site, with some unhooked tricks and later, when the wind picked up, I got carried away with the commotion and also pulled out a couple of mega loops. The perfect session ended with a fast down winder in the waves, with a 6m, to Hakgat – what a day! In the evening we rocked the dance floor at the Red Bull Party after Ruben’s kite loop contest.

The Seli wreck is still stranded at Table View, but it’s now broken into three pieces. Some crazies are even kiting in between the wreckage – perhaps a test of courage? Rumour has it that a couple of sharks were spotted at the wreck by some SUP’ers.

At the beginning of the year Nick Jacobsen dared his 2nd attempt at jumping off one of the cranes on the wreck. This time he did it with a 11m kite with an onshore wind – which doesn’t exactly make the jump, from a 20 meter height, safe. At least he reduced his chances of hitting the wreck. He really isn’t role model material that crazy Dane. You can view his video on Youtube, if you haven’t seen it already.

My girlfriend, from Holland, and I went on an awesome road trip in my new old Mercedes 500 up the Garden Route. Like me she works as a model for various fashion and advertising productions and spends the winter with me in the Cape.

I had recently purchased the Mercedes from a used car dealer. The biggest selling point was the working aircon. The car is super luxurious and has way more power than my old 1978 S280 (which I am now renting to friends when they come and visit). In Cape Town I’m a total fan of the good old “Merc” as here they are in top condition and offer superb safety, reliability and massive amounts of space in the trunk. On top of that it doesn’t look like a surfer-car which may arouse the wrong type of interest in the trunk content! If you are looking for a used car Gumtree.co.za (and the dealers) is a good starting point. Taxes and insurance are cheap over here and buying and registering the car as a foreigner is not a problem.

The trip was a winner, partly due to use stopping at Witsand and spending two days in a row revelling in perfect freestyle conditions. In addition Wilderness was very cool and we took lots of great photos with the kids.

In between I was allowed to come home, thanks to a good customer, and was able to breathe in the fresh Hamburg winter air. On the up side I am now able to extend my stay in Cape Town where we will be inclined to complain more about the 40 ° C days than the -17 ° C days.

In Cape Town life carries on as usual – hectic, active and varied. We often run up to the top of the mountains to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. I am also regularly doing yoga and I have found a very good studio in the Waterfront district.

The full moon hikes up Lions Head are ever popular. In the evening under the full moon you’ll see all the torches winding their way up the mountain. Unfortunately the next day you’ll see some litter scattered on the mountain!  As in life, the key here is to find the right balance.