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2012/06/18 von CORE Kiteboarding

Synchro-Loop live on Fehmarn

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Recently two CORE team riders stopped by on Fehmarn to grab some new GTS2. Beany und Philipp were also able to prove that their Synchro-Loop is not a fake. We made a short clip and sat down for a chat.

How did you come upon the idea of the „Synchro-Loop“?

Philipp: Nearly all kite videos look the same. We wanted to create something that has never been done before. It came to our mind one year ago when we were in Egypt and we realized that our looping techniques were quite similar.

Beany: After that we both tried extreme loops with short lines. I knew from the first moment that Philipp had the guts to loop it extremely close to me. Then after one year we tried the Synchro-Loop on Maui, for the first time. I took the lead because I knew the conditions at Maui´s kite beach better. Philipp followed.

How did you prepare?

P: Having spent three weeks on Maui in harsh conditios we were in full battle mode. But after a couple of brutal slams we both put on impact vests. We minimized the risks by anticipating each other´s actions.

B: We listened to our minds. We´re close friends and talked it over a lot, discussed all the things that can go wrong.

How important is the gear?

P: The GTS2 literally is a kiteloop machine. The turning radius is pretty wide and the pull is constant during the whole kiteloop. You can be sure the GTS2 doesn´t stop pulling right before landing.
Also the new CARVED Imperator 5 was brilliant. It pops big and took the heaviest landings with ease.

B: The thing that blew my mind about the GTS2 was its direct steering. Also the bar feedback is excellent, just like with a C-Kite. The GTS2 is so easy to fly, it´s perfect for those who want to try radical kiteloops.

Let´s be honest, how many tries did it take you to synchronize your kiteloops?

P: It all ran very smoothly because we exactly knew what to do. The most important thing was to be aware of the gusts. As always one of the first attempts was the best.

B: The synchrony was a result of acting in the present.

Recently you guys were on Fehmarn doing the Synchro Loop in cold waters. How was that?

B: The wind went up and down all the time. Both of us rode the GTS2 in 12-sq and merely had enough power for the Synchro-Loop when a gust hit our kites. This trick is best performed in 30 knots of wind and with 10-sq metre kites or smaller. But we were hyped and gave it a try.

P: Added to this it was a windy Sunday and packed like crazy. So we tried not to kite in that part of the bay no longer than necessary. Although I went for 16 and Beany for 10 metre line length we managed to stomp a couple of good ones. Timing is everything!