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2012/06/29 von

Marilou Nº 6: "Finding home"

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Marilou went on to explore the wonderful beaches of Central America. Coming back to Canada she realizes what it means to be home.


After spending more than 2 months in Central America, I'm landing back here in Canada to the place I call 'Home'. What a contrast!!!

I get asked quiet often, where is 'Home' for me? Well after travelling for so many years Home is part in Brazil, part in Europe, part here and there. Home is everywhere where I meet friends, where I can 'play' outside, where I connect with people and of course, Home as its solid place just as simple as inside me.

If you don't get this one, if you don't take care of this one, no matter how cool are your travels, how fantastic the water is, how perfect is the wind, (not talking yet about the bunch of Dolphins fallowing you while kitesurfing in the reef of Roatan's Island!), well you will always feel like something is missing. Yep, even in PARADISE... 

That's basically the one 'job' we all have. No matter what we do, no matter where we are, what is our daily work, life etc. We only have ONE thing we should never neglect and it's ourselves. If you dare to listen carefully to what's inside, man you're gonna experience a one in a kind journey, ONE that's just gonna be perfectly designed for you, with your true colours from A to Z!

You only need to dare.

No journey is the same, but every journey is special if you dare to see and act this way.

This is basically how I end up in Honduras... Yep, somehow I saw a marvellous house for sale in a Yoga magazine, so I just thought "I should go and just 'POP IN'!" ... I better start practicing what I preach. Therefore some actions was needed!

This is how I end up buying a flight ticket to Honduras, a destination that I've never heard of and that I knew almost nothing of (but wind statistic where pretty convincing!).

And... that's just the start of the story. The little jump towards action. 

Now I know why the best places are always kept secret! The rest, it's just dreamfull souvenirs... but I can assure you at least one thing: the kiting on turquoise water, with this delicious reef break, in the middle of nowhere, your buddy and you, having dolphins as the only other riders joining you: is completely out of this world! This spectacular moment was timeless...

Maybe part of my 'Home' is now also now in Honduras :)