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2013/04/14 von CORE Kiteboarding

Nadine in Egypt

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Our hardworking medicine student and kitesurfer by heart, Nadine Reimers, used her study break to escape to Egypt, Soma Bay and film her new video. She tells you how it has been!

Finally studybreak! Even though I still went kiting as often as possible in Germany, the ice floes and minus degrees forced me to wear a 6mm fullsuit, hood, gloves and boots. It was definitely time for some warm weather again! As I just had 2 weeks of studybreak, the Soma Bay in Egypt was my first choice. After a short and pretty relaxed flight I checked in to the Breakers Hotel. The next morning I stepped out on the balcony and I already could see that the conditions were perfect. At the kitehouse the wind blows sideshore, but as the bay is half round there are some perfect offshore spots as well, where the water is pure glass.

I could not believe how warm it actually was. I felt so good to finally warm up again and practise new tricks. Without the thick wetsuit every movement just feels so much easier. I have been pretty lucky with the wind. From 14 days it was blowing twelve days in total. So after a big breakfast from the awesome buffet in the Breakers I took the shuttle service down to the kitebeach. It does not take long, but the more or less self-constructed streets are a little adventure for themselves. In the mornings the wind was usually quite strong, around 7 Bft. So I took my 7 sqm GTS2 to practice some massive airs, powered kiteloops and my first blind judges. After a couple of hours of kiting my muscles were sore from all the crashes, so it was time to have rest in the warm sun and read a good book.


Towards the afternoon, the wind dropped so that I was able to go out with my 9 or even my 11 sqm GTS 2. With these bigger kites I could finally practice my favorite trick, the S-Bend to blind. I even managed to land it regular and switch consistently. Now the season has finally started for me! After being on the water 7 days in a row, I felt quite happy to finally have a windless day and go snorkelling. Directly in front of the breakers is a beautiful colourful reef with all sorts of fish. I even saw a ray and a turtle.


The best thing is that you can reach the reef by a 400 metre long jetty. So you do not even need a boat, you just walk down there and jump into a different world. I had a great time at the Breakers, and felt a bit wistful leaving again. But now I am really looking forward to the German season and kitesurfing at my homespot St. Peter-Ording!