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2013/10/29 von Marilou Lavallée

CÖRE CRÜE Teamwatch - October 2013- Whaaaat’S up!!!???

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How can it take so long to give some news!? Is kitesurfing really keeping us that busy? The answer is YES! From huge travels to unspoiled kitesurfing spots to out of the bitten track experiences, we have been enjoying it all. Now the time has come to share our stories with you. Wishing we might inspire some of you or even guide you through your next kite-holiday. Here is what we’ve been doing and what’s about to happen this autumn.

Kauli Seadi landed on an incredible boat trip around the entire northeast coast of Brazil. Along with him was an oceanographer who was ready to capture every moment of the pure marine wild life. Associated with this was Kauli’s passion to explore and search for new spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP. His past six months were extremely colourful and special. “A unique way of rediscovering yourself and Brazil”, he shared with us. We can’t wait to read his full article soon in the mags, guessing it will inspire even the most adventurous of us to revisit Brazil this season with another perspective in mind!


We are happy to hear that Lasse is finishing his Master's thesis in Hamburg at Vattenfall Europe about Offshore wind energy (a subject we all love). Of course he went out a lot for kiting in Germany and Denmark, enjoying the Power of Wind. Recently he had two knee surgeries again. But don’t worry, he assures us: “This time it is just a preventive operation that will protect my knee from unnecessary damages”. (Maybe it was a way to keep him focused on his Master and out of the water just for the crucial moment of his thesis … ?). Anyway, it is all good news because: He is fine, happy, healthy and strong. Plus the thesis is almost done and he will be back on the water this November, in time for all upcoming travels!


Beany spent a lot of time this year amazed and focused on the "Tricktionary" project. Developing the book was a unique experience for him. True to himself he continues to get inspiration through his travels, kiting experiences and in a Buddhist Center (in Scottland), where he would like to return to regain power. Over there he was fortunate to meet and learn from one of the great eastern Masters Akon Rinpoche and also got in contact with ROKPA.org. He is totally happy being able to represent this charity organization helping people in need. Everybody who likes to support or who is just interested in their projects is welcome to visit their website.

In the end Beany had an “awesome summer, encouraging people to find their real potential”, even through Kiteboarding seminars in Theologos/Rhodos/Greece (http://surfandkitetheologos.com/). He is now back on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/burbli.es), so we can go along with his next steps…


Here is what David Romeu had to tell us regarding his ‘full-on’ journey: “After great sessions on Fuerteventura during the summer it was time to cross the Atlantic Ocean one more time and enjoy the good conditions we have in Brazil, where the wind just blows day after day non stop! Because of those amazing wind conditions, it was possible to do an epic 250 km downwinder from Taiba to Jericoacoara in just two days! It was enormous!". That's just the beginning for David: His season will continue there with freedom and lots lots of kiting! We certainly look forward to see more of those cool trip pictures!


After being ‘short on time’ due to his studies and travels to China, Tim was finally back in Brazil! He was there with his mates Marvin Heimke and Christian Brill for the last weeks of his study break. “So far we had perfect conditions in Barra Nova and Cumbuco and we are constantly filming for our new video. Beside kiting we spend our time eating and playing chess. Sounds pretty boring, but actually it could not be more fun! Stay tuned for the video and check out some screen shot grabs!”. Yep, Tim, we will! Can’t wait to see that!


Marilou discovered her own kite-spot in East Roatan (Honduras) already last year, what kept her busy, too! She came back with plenty of ideas and started working up her own project-venture. She spent eight months fully passionated, putting together a vision that brings kitesurfers in touch with their deepest search. “Initially we invited friends to come over and we started to share our vision of life through basic elements like nature, kitesurfing, yoga and the cultural blend. We realized that some people were transformed after their time on Roatan. Soon it was not just friends who were wishing to visit us. Customers started to come from all over the world to experience the same!”, she says. Along with this project Marilou also worked on the French version of the "Tricktionary" book and followed the CORE team on recent trips. To know more about Marilou's kite-project visit kitesurfroatan.com

Matthias is packing his bags again to leave Germany as the cold period is approaching soon. “First I'm going to Hong Kong for work and I will travel through Asia. My plan is to stay in Cape Town then for the winter. This will be my basis for months and months of huge kiting. It is not until the summer will slowly return to Germany (around April) that I will be thinking of moving my bags again!”. During the last months Matthias has been enjoying a lot the flat water of Fehmarn as well as a wonderful trip to Portugal, where he had the chance to ride some proper waves. Check out his new video ‘flip the seal’https://vimeo.com/73604903

Chris B. is currently working back home where he is preparing himself and the rest of his family for another “six months off” in Brazil. A lifestyle that presumably many of us would like to or appreciate to live! Early this year he also spent some time with all of us preparing the next CORE photo shooting in the Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. On the picture you see him with his beautiful little daughter Luna at his home spot "Greifensee" close to Zürich. The other picture shows the calm and beauty of lake St.Moritz in Switzerland, where Chris loves to enjoy and to experience the nature with his SUP.

Philip Zach has been travelling for months through Spain, teaching and coaching kitesurfing. One of his highlights during this experience were the people he had the chance to meet in Almerimar, astonishing him completely. Of course we also saw him earlier this year with the rest of the team for the CORE photo shooting on the islands of Los Roques. Now he is somewhere in Brazil, enjoying the wind and the warmth when at its best. 

Our wave master Rob just returned to Vietnam for the upcoming season. “Before that I was on a mission all over South East Asia, on the search of new wave-kiting spots”, he says. “It is also pretty fair to say that I have scored a few epic days. For me an epic day means: Getting tubed in the morning on my surfboard and then tubed again in the afternoon on the same board, while getting towed-in on my kite.” Regarding his equipment he mentioned: “I love my new XR3. They are so grunty with lots of depower and so stable when drifting while riding the wave! Sometimes it feels like I catch 100 waves in a session! So good, YEOW!!” He is sorry for not being more specific on the locations, but: “Some things are best kept secret.”. We say: “Everything has its time, so we will be patient, Rob!”. For now just keep us dreaming and continue sending us great shots and videos. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNzHGmzKKaQ