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2012/05/14 von Philipp Zach

CORE Freestyle Camp Soma Bay

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Soma Bay, Egypt, was host to the first CORE Freestyle Camp that took place from 2nd-9th April. CORE Pro rider Philipp was coaching there and gives a report from the desert.


The CORE Freestyle Camp was the first of its kinds. The main focus was on „freestyle“, which the coaches took by its literal meaning: pushing the individual style of each participant and boost their riding that way.

We chose egypt, probably one of the sandiest places in the world.The spot located at the „7Bft Kitehouse“ is a kiteboarding oasis with perfect flat water and constant winds. Ideal for freestyle enthusiasts of any age. We, the coaches Beany, René and me, saw ourselves as mentors and wanted to provide the best possible conditions for progression.

The way from the airport to Soma Bay is incredible, especially when undertaken during midday heat. Civilization in such a remote and hostile area is almost unimagenable. However, once you come closer to the bay itself, you‘re astonished by the incredible contrast of monotonous desert and the crystal clear, reef-streaken Red Sea.

The preparations for the camp started with getting 35 kites, 26 bars and 25 high-end CARVED boards ready for some action. Although I just brought my own kites and boards to egypt, the local customs service threated me like as if I‘m a smuggler. The fact that we had such a huge pile of equipment must fully account to Beanys outstanding negotiation skills.

Just like our fellow comrade-in-arms we were going to spend the upcoming week in the „The Breakers“ hotel, that provided saunas, pools, culinary delicacies and even wine, that you wouldn‘t expect in an islamic country, for the time after our sessions.

Let's get started!

We kicked off the camp with a meeting, in which we talked through the goals of each of the 18 participants for the upcoming seven days. Kiteloops, Indy Glides and much/many trick more were on our to-do-lists. Later we split into three teams of different ability and with different goals, which each got one of us as their teamleader, motivator and mentor.

As youngest among the coaches I directly went after the young guns, while Beany took care of coaching the freestyle basics and René led the way when it came to all kinds of advanced freestyle tricks.

Since kiteboarding is by no means a form of athletic sport like bodybuilding, but instead relies heavily on correct technique, we especially put emphasis on analysing the proper motion sequence beforehand and tried to envision the course of movement carefully.

The warm wind blew endlessly. And even when the wind wasn‘t as strong as forecasted we could countersteer with our equipment supply, so that even with just six knots of wind we could make use of the last sun rays of the day.

Especially the young generation impressed and shone under the desert sun. With ease they did first attempts of kiteloops and handlepasses. This was pure motivation for the older participants to step up their game as well. We were witness to great progressions, but especially Richard fascinated me, who kept on working hard and did a massive Raley on our last day there.

The last evening was full of laughter from recaptulating the best crashes. Furthermore, we brainstormed on which trick might be the best one to go after on your next session back home. The first CORE Freestyle Camp was a huge sucess.  There will definitely  be another one. See you around soon.