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2011/12/09 von Matze Larsen

Cape Town News

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As usual this time of the year, Matze is in Cape Town, South Africa. Here's what he's up to.

Just back in Capetown again for the winter season to escape the hard german winter.I will give you a little update on whats happening on this side of the world in lovely South africa.

After a few days I already had the chance to kite in Camps Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches around Capetown! It is actually only 10min from the city center. It is such an amazing view when you are on the water looking at the beautiful mountains. The wind direction unfortunately is hardly ever right as normally the wind comes gusty and super srong straight off the mountains.

The weather has been very different this start of the summer with lots of rain and really cold temperatures especially at night we often had 15c or less. Normally its already summer from middle of November with +30 degrees days. But now we have had one hot day and the next day is raining with 17c! But there was at least the common southeast wind with it for like 4 days a week and I kited in my surfing 5/3 neoprene wetsuit which I normally only use to surf in the cold water here.

A few days later we were lucky to watch some whales in the village of Hermanus. The main whale season is September but there were still some whales next to the cliffs. So we were sitting on the rocks and just watching these amazing beautiful animals cruise by. They make you feel so small, its almost like a submarine when they come out of the water. Far away we even saw one jumping!

A few years ago I had a whalemother and baby next to me while I was out on the water kitesurfing. It was truly amazing to see them that close, but also a bit scary as you maybe have seen the pics on the internet where a whale almost swallowed a surfer by mistake. Also, we didn’t want to disturb the baby whale or make the mother angry so that she can hits us with the tail fin!

After our whale watching experience I had an amazing flat water session in the local lagoon on my 6m GTS. It was so windy and Riz and Mish took some great pictures. Thx guys! What a cool little roadtrip!

Otherwise we’re having lots of pressure systems around and waves rolling in due to the bad weather. I was so stoked to kitesurf some proper waves again after quite a long time and managed to get some shots in aswell. Thx to Robyn Lee for that! Spots near Capetown, like Sunset beach, were firing and it is just unbelievable how much space you have on these perfect glassy conditions. Even if its gets a bit more busy in summer, when much more kitesurfers arrive, you can just do a few downwinders and find more than enough space and perfect waves there!

You've got to love Southafrica!