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2011/08/17 von CORE Kiteboarding

CoreNation Contest

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Regularly we’ll be doing contests! You’re on the spot! What might Beany have thought when he slammed his kite on the water looping?

Send your suggestions to contest@corenation.net or use the continue button to let us know what you think is a good content for the thought bubble. The funniest entry wins a Core C.A.R.E. parcel!

2011/08/24 von Sven


Ich hoffe ich überlebe es genauso unbeschadet wie mein Riot XR

2011/08/25 von marv


imagine water is a creamy .....
2011/08/29 von Matze

Beany's mind

Did i turn the stove off ?

2011/08/30 von Jo-chen

Uh, where's that

damn reef? Ah, not under me ....

2011/08/30 von o.weiss

shit happens

shit happens! game over!...insert a new coin and try a again later!
2011/08/31 von marionaise

So much depower

wow! Didn't expect that the new Sensor Bar's depower is that effective!

2011/10/19 von soerno

Alert Cobra 11

Dude, do stuntmen use the same air mats when they jump off a building?