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2011/08/10 von Carsten

Making of... the CORE Diaries

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This text has been on my laptop for quite a while now, it`s been revised and worked on from time to time, but basically just waiting to be released. If any of you don’t know our CORE Diaries, I hereby recommend them warmly. You can find them HERE.

This was my first ever trip to brasil and I felt very lucky to have been able to see  and discover all those remote, perfect spots. We had a total of 2 months to capture kiteboarding action at locations all around the coast. I especially remember one of our many trips for being the most chaotic, but also the most fun. I’ll showcase this one as an example of the fun and madness of  shooting a surfing movie.

For Maltes and Chris’ part in the movie we had to decide on a location to use. Chris had been to a spot further North called Barra Grande the previous year and wouldn`t stop raving about how awesome it’s was. No sooner said than done, we were on our way. We rented another car and hit the road for a hot and dusty 450km drive.

Along the way we passed Chaves. At first glance, it’s a town similar to all the others.  When we looked closer though we could see more and more huge rocks among which the local houses were built. The special thing about these rocks was that they were all perfectly round, without any rough edges. This was topped off by a lagoon at the outskirts, which looked as if it had just popped out from the “Lord of the Rings“ or some other fantasy novel. I must admit, that lagoon is the wrong word for this spot as it sounds way too inviting. Because this place was  far inland it would have been super gusty and we weren’t too sure about the water quality or other possible creatures residing in the depths.

We were all certain though that we had to capture this place, but nobody really felt like kiting there voluntarily. Daniel made the first move and did a few tacks. Later the kids told, that there were snakes living in there.

Late that night we arrived in Barra Grande and were intercepted by two girls on scooters who wanted to show us a pousada. Although I immediately tried to claim dibs on the prettier of the two, I never got to redeem my (sacred) claim, as we found out later how old she was.

We planned to shoot at the huge and stunning lagoon  for one day. We were travelling there in proper style, with donkey and carts. As the tide was still low we had to wait for the lagoon to fill. Unfortunately we underestimated the 31°C, with which the sun burned on our heads ferociously . Even though we rationed our water for the day we soon ran out. Luckily, a pumped up kite shaded us from the worst of the suns rays and provided some relief.

"Er... where exactly..."

We wanted to take a boattrip back to the Pousada and our vessel arrived just as planned. Then something terrible happened: “attention, Er... where exactly are the rails for the dolly?“ (Our most treasured pieces  of filming kit). Looking for them was pointless, the atlantic ocean had already carried them away. We left feeling rather sheepish.

Malte was compelled to keep riding while the boat was steered alongside and Andi filmed. Although Malte was whining (all I remember hearing was, “Duuuudeee, it’s sooo gusty, i can’t ride!“), he busted out the sickest backmobe of the whole video in front of a few mangrooves. 

We sailed back through small canals that gave us a true rainforest feel.

With plenty of cool kiting action caught on film, we headed back to Cumbuco. Daniel was driving and because it was already dark and had been a long tiring day Andi and Chris conked out. Daniel, being the obliging guy we know, let them keep sleeping rather than sharing their navigation responsibilities. Big mistake, we soon realised we were heading in the wrong direction completely, ending up in Sobral, about 100km from the coast where we should have been. No harm done though as it turned into a fun detour anyway. We were travelling in December and with Christmas just around the corner we stumbled across the most curious christmas fair I’d ever experienced. We were to have the most surreal start ever to our festivities possible. Baby Jesus` manger was illuminated by bright neon lights, that rather matched Las Vegas. Bizarrely this all added to the atmosphere. None of us could resist having our pictures taken sitting on Santas lap dressed in our boardies and flip flops. This did a great job of cheering up the upset friends and relatives that we`d left at home this year.

After plenty of asking around we finally managed to get back on track and headed for home. In comparison to the coast roads, that some might know from trips inbetween the spots, the road we found was as rough as hell. It hadn`t been tarred by many years and appeared date back to the time of the military dictorship. This was more like a trail of pot holes than an actual road. We bumped and thumped for mile after mile in our poor hire car, overtaking truck after truck with the rough beats of good old underground hip hop blaring from the stereo.

Speed bumps are pretty common in Brasil and are normally painted in bright colours so that you can spot them with enough time to take your foot off the gas. Unfortunately we found one that wasn’t! Our VW Gol, including the 200kg camera crane strapped to the roof, sped over it unsuspecting and doing 70 km/h. Crack!. The cheap and flimsy roof rack, didn`t stand a chance and promptly disintegrated. Another unexplainable side effect was that we could no longer open the front passenger door. How we managed to return the car to the hire company in the end makes up for another epic story!. After we re-attached everything temporarily with webbing and straps we limped onwards, finally arriving back “home“ to Cumbuco.

Our work wasn’t done yet though. We had to drive to Fortaleza to find replacements for the missing dolly pipes. Heading for a, “cano de alumínio“ armed with dictionary and sample pipe we finally discovered some in a street. There were stamped iron sheets everywhere and welded frames sitting on the street. After some hard and long negotiating we finally bought some suitable pieces and were just missing something to connect them. Luckily it wasn’t that hard to find what we needed in one of the well-assorted hardware stores close by.

I must admit that I don’t know if Bernie, our boss, knew about all of our antics before reading this. He can’t hold it against us though as our final movie was amazing and well received. I have to say that I would drop everything in a heartbeat to do the same trip again. We had massive parties, unforgettable experiences and of course, what we came for: “muito viento“ everyday.