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Marilou Lavallée


Name: Marilou Lavallée
Nickname: Mari
Date and place of birth: Gatineau, Quebec, 18-03-1982
Home: So far-everywhere. Looking for a perfect little place to settle with waves-mountain-forest and sun, any suggestions?
Education: life and university (occupational therapist)
Kiteboarding since: 2004
Why kiteboarding: Freedom, adrenaline & possibilities (wakestyle,surf, etc.)
Inspired by: Girls riding with style, power and technicality.
CARVED/CORE since: 2009
Preferred Core kites: 7m GTS
Preferred Carved board(s) (size): Carved Imperator 130x41
Other sports: surfing, yoga, wakeboarding, longboarding, latin dance - basically every outdoor sport!
Passions: moving
Strong: alive, smiley, grounded
Weak: perfectionism, choosing and "stopping" (I want it all and I can never stop!)
Favourite spot(s): a secret spot in Australia that works perfectly with the tide (flat and waves!)
Best day possible: Cafe latte, Surf in the morning, healthy lunch, kitesurf followed with a short yoga session at sunset ending with a nice and long diner with good friends
Best vacation: So many!!! If I stay focused and balanced every day is a perfect holiday!
Favourite music: today: Tribalistas 'Ja sei namorar', yesterday: Bon Iver. Got to have it for every mood!
Favourite food: fresh, healthy, fruity and fishy. Natural yogurt, nuts and oats. If you had one or two cafe latte, you've got all my diet! 
Past injuries: plenty
Injuries I’m going for next year: Can I pass for next year?
Highlights of my career: This moment
The future: still this moment
My dream: a little family of surfers and friends by the sea
Personal madness: You have to see :)
Quote: Do what you believe in!
Contact Marilou via marilou@corenation.net

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