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2011/12/02 von Marilou Lavallée

Marilou Nº 2: "CORE get together"

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Marilou is the team‘s whirlwind with her energy, her excitement and her love of life. Always ready to try and discover new experiences or new directions. Her positive attitude keeps her grounded and people around her seem to feel this vibe and we guess they like it - just like we do. Or maybe it‘s the small green eyes and the giant smile charming them. That is part of the reason why this blog is 100 percent dedicated to Marilou.

Before writing those words and even before this story itself happening; I thought I already knew, how this was about to turn out... What a mistake I made!

After having spent a month in Cumbuco and around, it was time for the me to meet up with the guys. Beany and Tim were just arriving from the cold, Philip and Chris were about to, momentarily, leaving their daily tasks (taking care of their girlfriends and (in Chris case) newborn baby) and on my side I was saying goodbye to my girlfriends...

It was NOW time for another episode! We agreed on nothing big: just a simple trip, kiting and taking this time to share a ‘get together’ CORE moment. Sounded all very nice, but sincerely, I was a bit afraid. Even if I was definitely ready for it, one part of me was also apprehending or wondering how things were really gonna turn out.

Last souvenirs I have from our experience while filming The Core Diaries are somehow amazing, but also just crazy to some points. Finding yourself in a flat with 8-10 guys, partying every single day or just having random schedule, forgetting that cleaning after yourself is a minimum and helping out everyone, is OK for a week or so but for one or two months, it’s getting quite long and challenging.
When in the morning you find some pee on your shorts and you blame it on the guys, I think that says it all! (It was the cat they finally assured me...)

Our experience was already taking place in this ‘homy-friendly-family-Tropical wind Pousada’ with Manni, the owner. Somehow he found himself taking care of us with all is warmth and generous heart. Making us his personal wheat, ginger, lemon and potato type of vegetable, 200% pure and green juice and giving us some simple but full of wisdom advices. Thank you Manni, we all appreciate it so much!

Before hitting the road, we had the good idea to get some basic swimming in. As packing in +35 degrees can be a mission itself, we were all in need of fresh water. Of course, with a name like CORE, there is never a simple thing as swimming. We found ourself trying ridiculous and impossible sort of pyramids and games in the water. After passing close a few time to hitting our heads in the cement, we decided to stop and finally started our mission up north.

Life was already very good with me; my head was not cracked from the games in the pool plus: I was chosen to be with Chris B for the four hour drive. It later turned out to be closer to a seven hour drive... Like I said, the rest for me was, just fun and safe, as I quite like Chris B’s driving skills. Not that the other groups were not safe... but for example: 5 minutes after our start, the first car (driven by the terrific duo of Tim and Philip) lost their roof! Ok, it’s still hard for me to understand how, but hey what can we do?

Getting finally to destination, after a few more anecdotes, there was a ‘misunderstanding’ and it seems our reservation was for the next night. We basically had no room/bed available. All a bit exhausted, we were not ready to drive another hour to get to some civilization. We chose the option: camping around the pousada as a perfect option for us. Therefore they started to install hammocks everywhere (while the guys slept outside with the stars and the mosquitos, I slept inside in a very comfy one). So far, this experience was so good for me, that even when rooms were available, I found myself sleeping in this same hammock.

The next day, the kiting started as soon as light was on. We used the afternoon to rest and relax and went back every evening for a massive sunset session. Sand banks, wind and flat water was at the rendez-vous, so everyone had plenty of space and time to practice their favourite moves. I would say, that more than free styling, we had so much fun playing around. With all six of us, it seems there was always someone with a funny or slightly crazy idea to try.

Actually nothing was sensible in any way, and not that I expected things to be. This is another proof that no matter what we expect in life, you are not the one to choose. You can for sure make things happen, make a difference, but the real magic, only comes when you really let your mind go and be as open as you can. Did I say that I even had some great meditation session with Beany, that we had amazing chats, learning and so many laughs. This ‘CORE get together’ was again a very special moment.

I am thankful to all: friends, drivers :), pousada owners (for some who had run like crazy to bring us considerable amount of food night and days) and once more, I feel pretty lucky and happy to had the chance to share this incredible moments of kite-magic and simplicity! Now, I’m saying a goodbye to Beany and Tim who are up for another journey and soon I’ll be leaving Brazil and saying my last goodbye to Bernie, Chris and Philip, till our next ‘rendez-vous’. Thanks guys!