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2011/12/19 von Marilou Lavallée

Marilou Nº 3: "Plans..."

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Marilou is the team‘s whirlwind with her energy, her excitement and her love of life. Always ready to try and discover new experiences or new directions. Her positive attitude keeps her grounded and people around her seem to feel this vibe and we guess they like it - just like we do. Or maybe it‘s the small green eyes and the giant smile charming them. That is part of the reason why this blog is 100 percent dedicated to Marilou.

My favorite thing: making plans (and then changing them!).

Just as an example: not too long ago my initial plan was to go to Brazil all October and November, then come back for the Christmas tree season in New York and then fly up to Hawaii for months and, of course, live life at it’s best - kitesurfing! 

As you might know from my last blog entry, I actually flew to Brazil. Hawaii on the other hand, is still way too far from now to write about it, but regarding New York, I think, I should explain myself a little bit more as this is completely removed from kiting, but it‘s actually kiting that brought me there.

The Christmas tree thing!

This entails selling Christmas trees all December in the busy streets of New York and enjoying all the actions - and let me tell you - there is plenty of it!

I was totally looking forward to this period as it’s such a freezing but different experience. And saying ,different’, I really mean it! You have to imagine: three kitesurfers in the middle of Manhattan sitting outside all day and night with only a van and a bunch of smelly and -according to us - of course beautiful Christmas trees. 

I’ve done this twice in my life. After the first time, I told everyone I would never, but NEVER, do this again. Come on, you sleep in the van for up to 30 days in the middle of a ‘hip’, but really noisy city, spent the day outside come rain or snow (here you forget about the sun), and then again, at night, you jump in the van and you sort of don’t shower (something like once a week) so... Ouch!  

The second time, my kite buddies invited me once more, to come with them and make some more money in the streets of New York in between my sunny kite trips. I don’t know why I did it again actually, but it turned out to be a totally different game this time. Thanks to life! Clients recognized me and where all friendly and happy to see me again. I got nice invitations for coffees and dinners and I even got a pass to a ‘high class’ gym, where I booked myself into some hip-hop dance lessons, very cool!

On top of that a lovely sushi guy next to our stand, who sort of fell for me (well, I think), brought me warm meals at lunch time when it was freezing cold outside. So my second experience was definitely a ‘must do it again’. Not to mention that I’ve become a ‘little expert’ in it. I could now easily sell you a Fraser First Grade tree or a bubbly and soft Douglas tree for $200 and no matter what you will love it!  

Saying all that, you are still sleeping in New York streets, so you better look out for yourself. Once again I’m the only girl in the team, so I’m the lucky one, because the guys are taking extra care of me. Plus, my work is mostly during day time, so not too dangerous – the guys to the night shift as well. They watch the trees and also the van (that I’m sleeping in) at night, which is very much appreciated! So I feel a bit safer. 

When the bars start closing, the fun really starts for them. They have to run after drunk guys trying to steal or pee on our trees, but of course there is also the good side of it. They can see all the pretty girls walking out of the clubs and take all their time to use their skills with the major one being a kitesurfer. You know, with the ‘little tan’ and the beach style, girls go all crazy about them... 

Saying that, a lot can happen in Manhattan’s streets. The first year, when I woke up, I realized that the night guy was totally out of it (but TOTALLY! Like I’ve never seen a guy like that before, even after the craziest parties!).
Later on they told me, I should have brought him to hospital (Oops) and we conclude that the coffee someone had given him during night probably had some hard drug in it... 

All that said, selling Christmas trees in New York is quiet a ‘trip’ itself and that is exactly why I have tried to fit this in my schedule again this year. I’ve been sort of serious this year. So that is why I chose to squeeze in the New York trip again! 

Unfortunately, I’ve just learned a few days ago, that the New York trip may not have chosen me this year. Hoooo.....! Noooooooooo!!!!!  But this bring me to the initial subject: Plans.

That is exactly why I don’t like to announce my plans: they always, but always change. One day I’m wanting to buy land in Panama to start a kite school (or something!) and the next day I’m about to book a flight to Indonesia to conquer massive waves kitesurfing. You see?
Therefore, I’ve decided that my plans are my little secrets. They are sort of my dreams, my hopes and even sometimes very close to my feelings at that moment, plus they change all the time so it‘s better to keep them for myself. It’s frustrating for someone who is trying to follow me or understand me. 

So, moral of the story is enjoy the moment. Don’t take your plans as set in stone but more as a flexible line that can bring you to your goals. It’s okay if they change, it only means life has another road for you and you will have to find out why. Life sometimes has other plans for you and that is the beauty of the soul surfer. You choose not to resist and just take a new door, a new idea and make a new plan always following what feels right inside (here we go, I'm corny again... hihi) 

We will see then, where life takes me in December. One month at a time and - even better - one day at a time.