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2012/09/06 von CORE Kiteboarding

Riot XR2 vs. GTS2

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Whenever a new kite is released our team riders are super keen to try it out. Will the new kite replace their current favourite?

This is exactly what happened during the final tests and the video shoot of the GTS2, which took place on Maui.  A video shoot requires a lot of discipline especially when you are dependent on wind forecasts. The making-of video, by Basti Hasenauers, provides a behind the scenes glimpse of how it all unfolds.


On corekites.com you’ll find a lot of information on the GTS2 and XR2. But after having discussions with our team riders on Maui, and gaining an insight to their preferences we thought we’d share their personal perspectives with you.

We asked our team riders: Which kite do you love the most and why? Here are their answers: 


"I like to ride both kites; my choice will depend on the conditions.

The GTS2 is incredibly fast and agile. I like to use it in onshore conditions in which I have to fly the kite aggressively.

Here in Indonesia, where you’ll find waves with perfect side shore wind, you don’t have to steer the kite too much. This is perfect for the XR2 which is super stable in the sky and allows me to just concentrate on the wave and down the line surfing. In addition the XR2 is an absolute upwind machine, which gives me an unfair advantage against the other kites and a greater share of the waves. 

I therefore like both kites a lot. I’ll choose the GTS2 for aggressive riding and the XR2 for massive depower in perfect side shore conditions."


"A very difficult choice; both kites have their respective strengths.

In spite of this I prefer the GTS2 at the moment. There is simply no other kite that compares to the GTS2. The direct feedback on the bar reminds me of a Porsche hurtling up a windy mountain pass. The GTS2 is a first class super car – radical kite loops, loaded unhooked tricks and explosive big airs. I love it!

The XR2 is just ideal for my wave setup. Endless depower makes strapless riding super fun; and if you should drop the kite the relaunch is super simple. This is important to prevent unnecessary stress and nerves. If I travel somewhere with waves I always have a small XR2 with me."


"With a strong focus on Wakestyle my choice is simple – the GTS2! There is nothing better than 16 – 18 knots, flat water and my 12m GTS2 with 20m lines. When I perform a loaded parked jump I gain maximum height, but at the ... the pressure drops, which allows me to complete my handle pass easily.

The “wakestyle” setup is my favourite, the kite will make sweeping, powerful turns and during an unhooked kite loop it will generate the right amount of lateral acceleration. Apart from the wakestyle characteristics the GTS2 also offers superb relaunch capabilities and a massive wind range. Radical and aggressive kiting stays comfortable.

If my favoured conditions aren’t happening then I’ll borrow the XR2 and boost some massive airs. The jumping performance is simply unbeatable. With a lot of wind the 9m can reach excessive heights and allows for a lot of hang time. The fascination with flying just doesn’t let up – even if your focus is wakestyle."

Christian "Bibi" Passenegg

"With the GTS2 handle passes are almost child’s play. After lift-off there is a lot of power and thereafter the kite flies along the window nicely. The relaunch is exceptionally good, thanks to the future C-Shape. The kite catches wind in any position and as a result it relaunches quickly and easily. You just don’t get a better kite for practising unhooked tricks. The tips with their "Optimus Prime"-style design always make me keen to kite again."


"Mh, difficult to say! Both are insane, but at the moment I prefer the XR2. My knee injury from past year is all healed up by now and I can fully charge again, but still I don't want to risk anything when landing. This is what the XR2 offers: full load output on demand combined with maximum comfort and tender landings.

I always recommend it to those that want to try everything (from big air to waves), and who don’t have a big focus on unhooked tricks."


"For me there´s only one kite, the GTS2. It´s the ultimate kiteloop machine! Finest precision steering and turning behavior make it perfect for no matter what kind of kiteloops. There's no excuse anymore. Now it´s time to keep pushing the boundaries of how high I can get over the kite."