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2011/11/25 von CORE Kiteboarding

Spin the Globe: Karin Schött

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Spin the Globe will bring you unforgettable riders, from all around the world, that we've met on our travels. This time we're talking to swedish-born wakestyle lady Karin Schött.

Hello Karin, please introduce yourself.

Okej, I was born in Sweden in the 80´s. I grew up next to a lake and had lots of fun with watersports in the summer. I studied at the university for 5 years, worked for while and then decided to do something different. I tried kitesurfing in 2007 and got quite excited about it. Compared to wakeboarding it appeared to be ideal, not having to spend a fortune on gas and just getting pulled by the wind. So... I sold all my material things, quitted my job and booked a one way ticket to Isla Margarita, Venezuela.

Since then I have been moving around trying to figure out what it's all about.   

So what is it all about then? Have you figured it out already?

Naj, not really. I´m only at the beginning... but on a journey I always end up in the now, whatever it is that I am trying to reach or escape from. So finally there´s no need for hectic globe-trotting. The present is a beautiful moment.. (but there´s obviously always a need for a sun tan)

Where have you been kiteboarding so far? What are your top destinations?

I kind of prefer non-mainstream spots away from the typical kite-scene. Somewhere behind a jetty in Belize or on a swamped field in Denmark. 

However I keep on returning to my home spot, El Yaque, Venezuela. Always windy, warm and the people are great. That's also where I obtained my instructors license for kitesurfing and have mainly been working/teaching. 

Central America is another heaven on earth. The pacific coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua have got waves, social sea-creatures and hidden beaches. On the Caribbean side there are lots of nice spots from Honduras to Mexico. It's easy to travel with a boardbag on cheap buses trying to find a clean bed that costs less than a HappyMeal.

I also had the opportunity to work and travel under the CORE flag, learning from a master - BEANY - , in places like Brazil, Egypt, the Dominican Republic and North Germany.

Boracay, on the Philippines is another spot that I would return to.

...and snowkiting wise, the round hills of Norway. It´s way too cold, but the local glüwine makes it worthwhile.

Normally we tag a location on the map for each interview. Which place would we tag for you? Where exactly is "home" for you? What makes this/these place/places home? 

Home is here.. and this present moment I´m paying tax in Lindau, Bodensee, Germany. But I will definitely spend my allowance in a warm place, (Venezuela) very soon. 

CORE stands for Performance, Safety, Quality and Service. Which attribute would you add and why?

Those 4 ones pretty much cover why I use CORE kites. But OK, the simple & efficient design appeals to me. Less is More. All in ONE. The limited variation of choices makes decision taking/making easier.

AND I´d also add some happy faces. Since 2008 I have met a lot of guys behind the CORE scene (and on the scene) and it´s always a familiar feeling. All users looks very satisfied with the brand and are getting what they want from it.

What do you enjoy besides kiteboarding and why?

Simplicity. Hiking in the northern hills of Sweden/Norway. Running, biking and swimming naked in small lakes. I also enjoy traveling without a plan, seeing what's coming up next. Flirting with custom officials and trying to squeeze a boardbag into a chicken-bus.

Surprises along the way is what makes traveling without a plan unique. What are the top things that help you deal with these?

Peace, love & understanding.

Tell yourself that it could be worse.. and as a result enjoy the surprise in being alive

..and then ride CORE-kites.

Thanks for the interview.

2011/11/25 von Philip


Cool- but what the hell do you do in Lindau?