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2012/06/07 von CORE Kiteboarding

Spin the Globe: Noe Mixtli Mölk

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Spin the Globe will bring you unforgettable riders, from all around the world, that we've met on our travels. This time we talked to freshly crowned Mexican champion Noe Mixtli Mölk.

CoreNation: Hi Noe, where do you come from and how did you get into kitesurfing?

Noe: Hey there! It´s not that easy to explain. I was born in Mexico and went to Austria (yes, in Europe) shortly after to live with my mother. When I was eight years old I moved back to Mexico and lived on a small fishermen´s island called Isla Holbox. There is flat water, moderate wind, beautiful beaches, just perfect to learn how to kite.

Where have you been kitesurfing so far? What are your top destinations?

Through kitesurfing I´ve been able to travel the world. But it all started here in Mexico with exploring spots on the carribean and pacific side. Then it was Brazil and across the atlantic to Cape Verde, Marocco, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and so on. Every place has its beauty. But the windiest place surely were Brasil and Marocco. And my home spot in Mexico isn´t too bad as well. Here in Progreso (Yucatan) the wind blows for a nine meter kite nearly every day.

You recently competed in the PKRA Worldcup in Mexico. What feeling was that?

It made me extremely proud to end up fourth and be the best mexican rider in that contest. To be on the podium was just insane! Because the wind died we couldn´t run the freestyle finals and there was no winner. Who knows what could have been possible... Oh, and lately I´ve been crowned Mexican Freestyle Champion.

What trick are you currently working on?

I got all the normal handlepasses dialed in, like KGB, Slim and what not. At the moment I´m concentrating on learning double handlepasses.

What do you enjoy besides kiteboarding and why?

I´m studying marketing and PR. When I´m not at the beach I´m learning for university. To stay fit I play Playstation and go partying (laughs).

Why did you choose CORE Kites and CARVED boards?

I´m riding CARVED boards for a while now and got to say they are the best. What I like about CORE ist the quality. My kites crash hard and there never was an issue. Plus the power during kiteloops is massive but still controllable. The all-in-one aspect is great. I use one kite for wave, freeride and wakestyle riding.

Noe, thanks and see you soon. Hopefully next time in Germany...