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2012/01/27 von Tim Kummerfeld

Tim´s Kummerkasten – Back to Blind Airpass

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Hamburg-based CORE Teamrider Tim Kummerfeld greets you all with a very nordic “Moin Moin” and “Guten Tach”! Who’s not familiar with this; trying to learn new tricks often ending in sorrow. Depression haunts you in sleepless nights and worries about your style overcome. There’s an end to it!  “Tim´s Kummerkasten”, which is german for an “agony column”, “une Boîte à chagrins” or  in simple and plain spanish “Anuncios personales relativos a personas u objetos perdidos”, you’ll get the essential tips to learn proper tricks. Tim won’t be beating around the bush, he is a straight talker, and will cut to the chase.
Welcome to the “Kummerkasten”! If a problem regarding a trick is on your mind, just drop a mail to kummerkasten@corenation.net. No matter if it’s a backroll or a complex handlepass. This time Erik asked for help with a „Back to Blind Airpass“. No problemo, Captain Kummerfeld it´s your turn.

Boys and girls, may I present to you: the global warming! It is January the 17th and I still haven’t seen any snow this year. Outside we still got around 10°C here in Northern Germany. The winter is basically over. You don’t trust me? Well, old German seamen say: “If it’s January and there’s now snow on the dike – the winter will forever hide.” Yeah… I know what you think: “ Dude, that’s not a rime.” But guess what, it is the message that counts. So what are you waiting for? Put on the lambskin cap, pack yourselves in a cozy otter scarf and get the hell out to the coast.

Here’s a new trick to try for you guys, so that you don’t get bored on the water. Back to blind it is named, and to bring in some fun it’s done with an airpass.

Keep the kite low

Keep the kite in the right position from the beginning. I’m talking about 10 or 2 o’clock as the maximum angle, but everything underneath is welcome! I think we all agree that we are practicing a wakestyle trick and not doing a dangle contest.
First of all it is important to have enough power, but you shouldn’t loose control while unhooking. The backroll really has to be popped out hard. Therefore you stomp the edge right into the water, quick and dirty. Turn the nose a bit more into the wind, and look over your front shoulder as the backroll is initiated. Like with all other tricks, the take off is the key point for managing the whole move.
After the launch pull the bar to your front hip and try to push your legs as high in the air as possible. At the highest point of the backroll it is time to initiate the movement into blind. Therefore you stop looking over your front shoulder and turn your head towards the rear shoulder. In the meantime let your backhand go, so that you can keep the bar close behind your back with the front hand. The most common mistake I always see, is keeping the bar not close enough to the hip while trying to do the handlepass. You will definitely fall into a supine position and slam the trick.

Timing is everything

Keep in mind: at the highest point of the jump the bar is as close as possible to your front hip. Now you turn your head to initiate the movement to blind. During that you have to come in a vertical position again.
Depending on your timing you can choose whether landing blind or doing an airpass. To be honest, it is more difficult to land blind because you have to rotate a bit slower and do the whole trick a lot cleaner.
Once you stick the trick regularly, you have enough time to do a smooth grab while turning into blind. In this video I show you a back to blind with an indy grab. 

So everyone, let´s go and dip in the cool waters and get started with your practices. For the next “Kummerkasten” write an e-mail to kummerkasten@corenation.net and I´ll explain the most requested trick.