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Chris Bösch


Name: Christian Bösch
Nickname: Chris 
Date and place of birth: 08.04.1979 in Winterthur, Switzerland 
Home:  Zürich, Switzerland and around the world 
Education: Joiner,Kitesurfinstructor 
Kiteboarding since: August 2000 
Why kiteboarding: Board-watersport, nice lifestyle, traveling
Inspired by: Snowboarding, Windsurfing 
CARVED/CORE since: 2006
Preferred Core kites: 7, 9 XR2 
Preferred Carved board(s) (size): Tantrum 132x42, Burner 6‘0‘‘
Other sports: SUP, surfing, biking 
Passions: Kitesurfing, get to know the world
Strong: myself
Weak: I feel weak without doing sports
Favourite spot(s): Paracuru, Brazil and Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland 
Best day possible: Kiting with good friends in nice waves and 25 knots sideshore wind.
Best vacation: Brazil each time and Rodrigues in 2009
Favourite music: electronic music 
Favourite food: Pasta, seafood, chicken, salad
My ride: powerful, strapless wavekiting 
Past injuries: broke a finger
Injuries I’m going for next year: none at all
Highlights of my career: shooting on Maui
The future: enjoying life 
My dream: good health, travelling to Indonesia
Quote: Live your dreams and rock the world.

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